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Why does Eshu have two faces?

Why does Eshu have two faces?

ESU have more than two face depending on the role he wants to play at the moment .

He can be there to show you road to success guiding you and helping you make the right decision.

ESU will also deal with you badly if you embark on a bad behaviour, he will kill you if you failed to live a righteous life. E.g you have this spiritual power and decided to be doing evil all the time to people who you think are not powerful as you spiritually. ESU would fight for the less powerful and kill the man or woman using power anyhow. 

In as much as they called ESU into the matter, he can change side at any moment and join the side of truth, he love the truth at any time in time.

ESU doesn't like evil people neither does he do any evil.

ESU can be your best friend now and at any moment would be your enemy the moment you change from being upright.

That is why they say he is having two face. He follows justice and truthfulness.

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