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Activating your AJE as Omo Omi

Activating your AJE as Omo Omi 

Have seen a lot of questions like what can I do to make my AJE works for me.

Am Omo Omi, I haven't seen my AJE works for me.

The truth is that if you haven't activated your AJE on you as Omo Omi, it might not work. Doesn't mean it would not work but it might ot work well or work at all.

As Omo Omi one of the things we would notice most is that we would have a lot of admirers and toasters, many people would want to date you or marry you.

The truth is that none of those who want to date you or marry you actually loved you, they just love the cowries on your body.

The love the AJE on your body and not actually you you.

They make you happy by buying all sort of things for you, they try to win your heart and you would be happy to sleep with them without you knowing that they are using something to sleep with you.

After sleeping with you, they block the AJE from working for you and it would only be working for them while you beg to eat.

The worst part is that they would become richer day by day while you wretched away like a rotten fruit.

Well, if you are in those category. I have a solution for you .

We would do some cleansing for you which would take some days and do some other works for you.

Then we do a protection work for you and then activate the AJE on you.

You would be giving some instructions which you must follow because when you work this part, you must be disciplined. 

Many millions guys would now be chasing you, more than before because you would he extra glowing like a mermaid.


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