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Can ori bibo be done in my absence ?

Can ori bibo be done in my absence ?

This question is often asked by people who are not in Nigeria at the moment or a far away from home and which to appeal and appease their head.

Yes.  The answer to this question is Yes 

Your Ori can be feed and appease while you are far away and it doesn't matter where you are it would get to you.

It is a two stage process.

The first stage which is the physical one where the babalawo would do what he can do to appease and feed your head as directed by IFA and ORUNMILA.

The second stage is the spiritual realm aspect where the babalawo would have to come in your dream and do it for you.

In the second stage, the client would dream of the babalawo feeding his head and doing the necessary rites and ritual for his head, all happening in the clients dream .

Yes .

Do your Ori feeding with OLUWO AJE NLA if you are within and outside Nigeria for opens doors and etc.

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