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Limit the way you visit spiritualist

Limit the way you visit spiritualist

Many spiritualist are doom , many of them are evil people in disguise.

When you visit them for problem solution, they offer you something else.

Once they see that you have big glory, they may trick you into signing an agreement with them that you would take care of them , this and that.

If they don't trick you into signing an agreement with them, they would tell you to marry them or marry one of their own family.

This people who claim to be Spiritual person are not spiritual at all . They have tied many people down becaus they have refused to heed to their words or advise.

They have add more problem to your problem instead of giving you a solution.

Please limit the way you visit alfa , imam, pastor, babalawo and whatever if you want your life to progress.

Many of the so called Spiritual person uses blood magic which may not work with your star, many of the spiritual father and mother turn your glory upside down or fast forward things in your life which may shorten your life span etc .

Many of you don't listen when your mind tell you the truth about who you are visiting.


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