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Irawo eda ATI ORISA ton salakoso won (The four Major elements and the ORISA in charge )

Irawo eda ATI ORISA to salakoso won (The four Major elements and the ORISA in charge )

I know many of us have charged all the books in the world looking for knowledge but here I am today to break another table .

Am here to dish out something you wouldn't believe it is.

But it is what it is.

If you must know, each stat and element Is controlled by an ORISA .

No matter who you are,you must be born under one ORISA and that ORISA also play a lot of roles in our life .

I remember I told a friend of mine that leaves very close to my house, I said you are irawo Ina... you must never use any spiritual soap, if any babalawo or any pastor give you spiritual soap, it would not work because of irawo Ina.

I told him, irawo Ina is controlled by Sango olukoso Oko OYA, arabambi akata yari yari.

In the course of our session, he opened up and said, no wonder he is always coming across sango devotee and they always wanted to make ties with him.

I told him point black, if you want your status to be very effective, you need to feed SANGO olukoso Oko OYA.

Your star would be as if you do Money ritual, money would come in like Mad.

But many who claimed to be Pastor, babalawo, etc doesn't even know what they must used to do ibori irawo Ina.

Sometimes I wrote it on my blog and I have to delete it back because of plagiarism. Don't ask me because it's now ijeun agba, I won't tell you.

Back to the topic.

In the Yorubic system, the four elements and the ORISA that govern them are : 

Shango (the fire element), 

Oya (the air element), 

Yemoja (the water element), and

 Elegba (the Ashe, or earth element).

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