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The Yoruba Perception About Leaves (Ewe) and the History

The Yoruba Perception About Leaves (Ewe) and the History

EWE (Herbs)

The use of herbs and plants, called ewe in Yoruba, is of great importance. 

Herbs are picked for medicinal, and the spiritual powers they possess. 

In Yorubaland, herbs are gathered by the Oloogun, or by the various types of herbalists who inhabit the regions where Osain is practiced. 

The population can usually obtain herbs either by private practice or from the marketplace in town. 

In the Americas and the Caribbeans, Osain based practitioners are also directed to use herbs as medicine. 

Here the Oloogun or priests, as well as devotees alike gather herbs for medicine, baths, and religious artifacts. 

Because of the wide-spread practice of Osain in the New World, Nigerians and people from other African countries have begun to set up herbal businesses in increasing numbers. 

More and more indigenous herbs are now being made accessible to devotees here in the Americas. 

It is said that ewe (herbs) are for the "healing of Nations" and many health food stores provide them in powder, leaf, and capsule form. 

Adherents to the traditional practices of Osain are usually advised to use herbs as medicine before going to Western allopathic drugs for healing.

There are many books written on the subject of herbology. 

Therefore, researching the possibilities of herbal use is recommended.

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