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We all need to beg the elders

We all need to beg the elders 

Whether you like it or not, we must beg the elders.

Whether you don't believe or you believe we need to beg the elders.

We have all come short of their glory and we need to apologize.

Even if they do Spiritual work for you and they don't beg the elders, there would still be vacancy in that work .

You need the elders blessing so that people would love and accept you in whatever you do.

Those who want to embark on an advance relationship with the elders often go for IMULE AWON AGBA that is spiritual convenant with the elders.

For your business, you need the elders so that people may love you.

For contract,you need the elders love for favour.

Many people are selling spiritual work that has to do with favour, whose favour are you looking for ? 

Before God can answer your favour request, it would pass through the elders first .

And for any Spiritual favour work to work effectively, you need the elders blessing.

Some people are binding what must not be bind. 

Sometimes you need to beg the elders for Spiritual work to start working on you.

The elders are not evil spirit , the church created an imaginary evil spirit and they want to spoil our tradition so they link the elders but the elders I know, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are not evil.

If you need a confirm begging of the elders, I would do it for you.

Though there are different begging of the elders.

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