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Why can't I do my IFA initiation by myself?

Why can't I do my IFA initiation by myself?

IFA is not one of those lie lie religion that lie to people and yet those religion didn't address the current situation of things in today's society .

In the bible, the mantle of power must be passed down from someone to someone, Elijah pass the power to Elisha .and so on and so forth.

You as a non initiate, you don't know the secret names of those ORISA, yes most ORISA has a secret names and power word that are sacred to them,only few OLUWO knows this .

You as a non initiate don't have the spiritual Power or authority to summon the ORISA .

You as a non initiate don't have the experience or knowledge on what to do.

I know we want everything to be written down but no matter how civilized the world has become, the secret words, passwords and secret teachings of IFA in the spirit realm can never get outside to the outside world.

Even some initiate of IFA don't have a close relationship with their ORISA due to their fault directly or indirectly.

Directly because of the person that did the INITIATION for them didn't do it right or indirect fault of the initiate by not doing the right thing, many initiate ignore their IFA after Initiation and run away thinking they have done the most important thing, the initiate would run and stay away as far as possible from IFA .

Most initiate thinks after IFA initiation, they would be smiling to the bank every day but it's not so. Though doors would open for you as an initiate but that is not the purpose of Initiation.

Many who want to be initiated into IFA try to buy as many book as possible to learn how it is done. 

I wish it was that easy.

I used to tell people ,no book in the world would tell you or teach you the most important thing. 

Take for instance Dangote in Nigeria had not been involve in any seminar teaching people on how to be rich, yet he is rich.

All book authors are just there to make some cash , nothing more.

Many people in the diaspora has been initiated by someone who has not been initiated. 

They think IFA has a backdoor where they can smuggled themselves in?

IFA INITIATION cannot be done by yourself even if you know all the material and ingredients to do it.

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