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Can I use magun on my cheating wife ?

Can I use magun on my cheating wife ?

Magun is an African traditional charm that make any man that sleep with a woman to roll three times on the floor after intimacy and die.

Magun also makes any man who sleep with a woman to bark like dog before dieing or crow like a cock before dieing or make the man to be extra thirsty looking for a river to jump and die .

In short ,magun kill any man that sleep with a woman that has Magun.

It is a very potent charm that they use on promiscuous woman.

They husband create a problem for the woman by eradication of any man that sleep with her 

Why would you want to kill a woman? Are you not Africa of the consequences of 
killing a soul talkless of a woman?

If you mistakenly killed your wife's boyfriend, you know your wife would be drag in the mud too and your name with it.

Apart from this, if her boyfriend died and your wife was jailed, iyaami ELEYE and IYAMOPO would never forgive you for such action.

OLODUMARE would also add punishment to your punishment for using magun on your cheating wife .

The best thing to do for a cheating wife is to send her out of your house .

In that way,you have committed no offence against OLODUMARE and IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Let her go and leave her life the way she wanted and you can also have peace of mind .


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