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Relationship between ORISA EGBE and ONIMERE

Relationship between ORISA EGBE and ONIMERE 

ORISA was the ORISA that give birth to all Egbe Orun.

While ORISA egbe was busy giving birth to all the children in each egbe orun, ORISA ONIMERE was in charge of taking care of them.

ONIMERE and ORISA egbe are like sisters and their relationship is like a sister to sister relationship.

ONIMERE make sure that all the needs of the Emere girl or boy is met in all ways of their Life.

Egbe Orun initiation is not complete if ORISA ONIMERE is not feed.

This is one of the reasons why after egbe orun initiation, you can't see your egbe orun or have a good relationship with them or the main purpose of doing the egbe orun initiation have not been met.

To do a justice to that egbe orun initiation, ORISA ONIMERE is to be fed.

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