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If $1 million hits my account today, this is how I would spend it - How would you spend yours ?

If $1 million hits my account today..

Na party I go carry am do .

As Omo elegbe I would invite my egbe orun and host a big party for them.

I would visit the temple of OBATALA and give him the special food he so much love to eat.

I would visit Elegba and give him his food 

I would visit ESU orita and give him his food.

I would visit OLOKUN and give him his food

I would visit OSUN and give him his food

I would visit IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO and give them their food.

In fact I would host a one week party in the spirit realm that all the ORISA would be invited...

That is how I would spend my $1M

I know you would ask if am crazy, I am crazy .come and beat me. 

Na your money?

That is how I live my fucking Life .

Anyway, small change would still remain and the funniest thing is that after spending the money, the money would still remain that same amount .

The money would still remain $1M

I never loose any time I spend money on spiritual party cos I knew the money is not spend.

You can't understand this Law.

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