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Is Nigerian Economy really Bad?

Is Nigerian Economy really Bad? 

Many people cannot afford a meal in a day in this country and this result in many bad things like high rates of kidnappers and money rituals.

Rice is now unaffordable, garri and food stuff are unaffordable...

But is Nigeria really a bad country ?

I know you would not listen to this truth and the truth is that people are building houses as bad as you think the country is, more people are buying cars and many more people are doing good things in one way or the other 

Those who are doing good things in this country are in tune with their ancestors.

They are those who believe in IFA and are doing what IFA says they should do in all ways .

Sapa, hunger doesn't affect IFA devotee o.


Only if you are not serious with IFA that is when you would cry that this country is hard.

I visited yeye OSUN during dry season and I noticed that her temple was cooled ,never dried.

I visited yeye YEMOJA and her house was also cooled .

I went and visit OLOKUN and his house was filled with cowries and riches even though it was dried season.

I told myself no matter how hard it is in this Nigeria, OBATALA would provide for me .

OLOKUN would provide for me, OSUN would provide for me, ONIMERE would provide for me ,all the ORISA would provide for me .

Follow the true path of your ancestors and you would never witness hardship. 

They can sell rice at any price but you would never go HUNGRY 

The only way to protect your family from kidnappers is to embrace youruba tradition.

If you want protection concoction courtesy of ORISA OLOKUN, contact me .

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