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The church and it's dirty business

The church and it's dirty business

May be I am a prophet but am not just any prophet but a prophet of IFA .

But is there anything like prophet of IFA ? No.

Am just kidding on that one anyway.

What I mean to say was that I once said it at the beginning of this year that if you are a wicked man, you would also see wickedness.

This is the year of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

2024 is the year of evil and let me tell you, you have not seen any evil because it has just began.

Many evil would happen and it has started happening as I have predicted it to be.

Let us go to the topic of the day.

Many of us are in bondage because of church, infact all famous and popular church are using demonic power which is far more dangerous and totally different from what IFA do .

IFA is not a wicked religion neither do we do evil cos IFA teaches iwa Pele among many others.

The church would collect loan from you but tell you that you are doing it for God.

And you never ask if God was actually involved?

You are a fool if you fall in the pit of any religious leader and you allow yourself to be used as pawn in their game to accumulate wealth for themselves and their children to come.

Many of you can't afford 3 square meal a day but when you visit your pastor you would be surprised at what your pastor is eating in the name of God.

I heard one mighty man of God said his God came and drink tea, wow . What a good story and narration about God.

That means all the members of that church should know the kind of God they serve in that church. Their God is the God of tea who love to drink tea .

I heard a church Pastor has bought himself a bank , I can see the glory of his God as he accumulate wealth for his children to come.

Another scandal about the children of a famous Pastors to take over a church in a big city of lagos.

The God of tea from a drinking church is requesting that the son of their great leader should take over from the poor .

What a mighty God they serve.

Before you comment, let me remind you that your life depend on what you say under this post, if you make a comment and it has to be an abusive word, be rest assured you are dying before the end of this year. Nothing can change that.

I know my Father , I know My ORISA 

OBATALA is my Father and he doesn't take nonsense from the God of tea that you fools are serving . 

So therefore watch your mouth or it would be your last.

I know my IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO are always with me, watch your mouth before you become our next meal.

I am not here for you, am here to speak the truth and if you don't love the truth , go and kill yourself.


I would definitely see you in your dream.

Don't be fooled by the fools who called themselves men of Gold.

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