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All forms of Yoruba greetings and the interpretation you need to know

All forms of Yoruba greetings and the interpretation you need to know 

Yorùbá ni kíkí fún gbogbo àsìkò ọjọ́, ìṣẹ̀lẹ̀ àti èto.̀ Fún àpẹrẹ: a lérò wípé àwọn ti a kọ si abala ojú   ìwé yi,  àti bi a ti le pe ìkíni kankan a wúlò  fún yin.

Eku itadi(greetings for farting(mess).

Eku ireju(greetin someonr relaxin).

A jee yira o( When sum1 is eating), meaning you would eat and belle full

Moki ota moki ope (when people are playing game like draft, ludo, card, e.t.c).meaning I greet the winner and looser 

Eku ewa oo (for sum one making hair).

Eku abo(for someone who went out and is coming back.).

Eku ile o(Greetin when someone just arrived at home).

Eku alejo (when someone is having a visitor).

Onya aya o(for hairdresser).

Eku ijoko o (when people are sitted)

E ku ojo meta(Quite an age)

Eku amojuba(when any of ur relative just
arrived from the journey).

Eku iso (when someone mess)

Eku iyaleta (towards afternoon)

Eku ile de(when any of ur relative is nt around)

Eku igbadun.. When sumone is flexin

Eku ojo meta(long time no see)

E ku ise (well done)

Ekun irole(Gud evenin).

Eku ile o & Baba “wil answer” Eku abo o.

Eku ara fe ra kun (when some1 dead yesterday).

Eku iyaleta o (10am to mid day greetings)

Oko aare fo oooo,(greetings to driver)

Aroko bodun de o(for famers)
Eku iduro (when u stand eku erin when u laugh)

Eku owo lomi o(the woman that just put to bed).

Eku osi(when someone is doing rubbish)

E ku ay se(greetings 4 doin nothing)

Eku ayeye oni(greetn wen havin a party)

E ku orire o(when some one purchasing car or recieving promotion letter)

E ku afere yii (when the weather is cold)

Eku ise o (greetings someone dat is working)

E ku orinrin (when it newly rain and there is cold)

E ku ewu ijade(Wen som1 is dedicatin a child)

EEKU ILE (when someone arrived 4rom another place).

Eku ijoko(if a passer by wants to greet people sitting down).

Eku imu enu duro o(when fasting).

Eku ori ere ooooooooooo( When celebrating a good thing).

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