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The perfect IFA way of dressing: Pakaja

The perfect IFA way of dressing: Pakaja

We have been rules by blind people and the OLUWO we looked up to are also blind by greed and lust for money ,women and Power

You can all try all you can but you can never defeat the true son of OBATALA.

If you are angry because of the truth, go and kill yourself because the son of OBATALA is only doing what OBATALA told him to do.

To librate people out from dark isese Yoruba tradition and mind prison.

There is no ODU IFA that talks about pakaja or that talks about doing kaja on the right or on the left .

So who invented doing kaja on certain part of the body?

I did a video yesterday about OBATALA and I sent it out and someone commented that I should do the kaja on the left,that it is always on the left .

So I took my cowries and ask IFA that : is it mandatory that I should pa kaja on the left, guess the answer. IFA says no.

I came back and told the person that, pakaja or how I do kaja is up to me.

I can decide to pa kaja on the right side and I can decide to do it on the left hand side.

My articles are going to be against a lot of teachings in IFA and isese and have told IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO that a lot of people would have to die because if what I say doesn't go well with them, they would want to send their evil spirit an errand and I told them to kill as many as possible along their children children .

I guess that is why OLODUMARE sent Kudeti to me , the ORISA for death so that they can die in their multitude.

I didn't come into isese ,I was called by OBATALA and have been guided by OLOKUN.

If you know ORISA OLOKUN then you would run for your dear Life.

Mind you, Yoruba might have their own way to pakaja according to tradition and I am a man that respect tradition.

I remains AJE NLA 

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