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Can Babalawo wear shirt and Trouser ?

Can Babalawo wear shirt and Trouser ?

As a Babalawo we are promoters of Yoruba culture and preserver of Yoruba heritage.

IFA didn't tell us to wear a particular cloth but we shod have it at the back of our Mind that IFA is in Yoruba Language and it is our duty to preserve IFA till our last breath .

One of many reasons why babalawo don't wear foreign cloth is because foreign cloth are not always free on us and they don't allow proper movement of body part during IFA consultation.

We should not forget that a single metal from the waist belt used in our trouser may also affects the readings.

IFA is ultimate energy but we should know that energies from cell phone, iron and metals may affects our readings.

If you went to school you would understand that we have true north and magnetic north .

It is just physics.

When I was initiated into IFA via my dream, I started loving anything that comes from Yoruba .

I love to wear Yoruba cloth and I love to speak YORUBA, I got married to a core Yoruba and I am a happy Yoruba Man.

IFA opens our eyes to see the beauty in our Culture, Tribe, ancestors and everything about Yoruba.

The choice is left to you if you want to use your left hand to describe your father's house but as far as am concern.

As a babalawo I don't wear shirt and Trouser except if I want to run and do some exercise .


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