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Important notice during IFA initiation

Important notice during IFA initiation

During IFA initiation there is this ancient tradition of feeding all the ORISA for the first 3 days of your initiation.

It is an ancient Ritual and only a few Babalawo know how the ritual is done.

It is after the feeding of the ORISA that the proceed with your IFA initiation.

Today not everyone feed all the ORISA for the initiate.

This is one of the reason why after IFA initiation, your life is still the way it is before the initiation.

They don't just feed the ORISA that shows up while conducting the Initiation, IFA initiation means you have join the ranks of being a followers of the ORISA and you have direct access to seeing or talking to them.

Most Babalawo only feed ESU, OGUN, and AJE for their initiate.

Well, it is more than that .

As a matter of Fact the begging of the elders is also done during IFA initiation because you are now the sons and daughters of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

Am AJE NLA....

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