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Your IFA is not going to work if you have this Problem

Your IFA is not going to work if you have this Problem 

Many people would rushed into doing their IFA initiation and they would get it done.

When I told you that IFA INITIATION price varies from places to places, many people would prefer to go to a place where it is cheaper.

I know a lot of people who after their Initiation still have many issues and they think that their IFA is not legit.

During your IFA initiation, they supposed to do the convenant of the elders and the begging of the elders for you.

In most cases the OLUWO, new generation OLUWO would not do this things . They just do the INITIATION.

Anyone who has offended the IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO must pay all their debts by begging .

Don't be fooled by those who don't know how the world works, IFA and other ORISA are not at war with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

They work hand in hand together. IFA can't say anything if you have refused to beg the elders.

If they do IFA INITIATION for you and they didn't do the convenant of the elders and begging of the elders for you, your IFA is not going to be that active.

That is why after many people have done their IFA, they feel as if they are not moving forward, they feel as if they just wasted their money.

Most of the OLUWO did a legit IFA for them , just that they didn't do the other things like accessories that would make the Initiate to enjoy their IFA .

They cannot do IFA INITIATION for you without feeding OBATALA. Obatala is the only ORISA that can speak with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO and if they don't feed OBATALA for you during your IFA initiation, IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO would never forgive you even if you do begging of the elders a million times.

On a final note, if your IFA not not speaking and you are crying because you think the IFA they do for you is not working well as you hope it to be.

The solution is to feed a legit OBATALA and do a Legit feeding of the Elders followed by the feeding of ORISA OLOKUN.

The price for rectifying this is quite expensive.

That is why you must be ready to pay the actual price of IFA initiation that comes with all the accessories like feeding of all the ORISA and begging of the elders along with their convenant.

IFA INITIATION is not just the IFA, it a combination of all the forces that existed and they must all be attributed.

I remains OLUWO AJE NLA.
The only son of OBATALA
The son of OLOKUN

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