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Religion and Fasting

Religion and Fasting 

Fasting is a good way to communicate and restrain your self while focusing on the inner part of yourself.

Fasting cut across all religion including ORISA and Babalawo.

I fast as Babalawo and it is part of the seclusion and rituals that comes with spirituality.

You can't be an OBATALA devotee and not have a white dry fasting at least once a week.  Except if you are Fake.

You think all this powers are coming from EBU, concoction, rituals , etc?

True Power comes from staying connected with the divine and part of the requirements to stay connected is Fasting.

There was ORISA conference where all ORISA gathered together to fast and Pray once in three months, OSUN inspire me the most when it comes to fasting .

Like I said, am an ancient Man following ancient ways of Life .

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