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Disgraceful list of Yoruba King that has knelt down before a Pastor or has allowed Pastor to sit on their throne

Disgraceful list of Yoruba King that has knelt down before Pastor or has allowed Pastor to sit on their throne.

I don't want to talk much on this one.

This is a list of atrocities done by kings 

Oba Ghandi, the Sọnù of Ogbomoso knelt down publicly and even removed cap for Daddy-General Adeboye.

Alake of Egbaland knelt down publicly before Bishops of Anglican Church in Abeokuta.

Oba Olùgbọn of Orílé-Igbón and his Olori were both on their feet and stood up throughout the period Adeboye sat on his Royal chair.

The Kábíyèsí of Ifewara was seen rolling on the ground for a gospel artist. The same man and his Olori earlier knelt before an even junior Pastor in redeem church.

We have seen many Kábíyèsí removing the caps in their heads in public.

Ọba Olúwo publicly declared that he was above the ÒRÌSÀS of Yoruba land.

Olofa of Offa openly ridiculed our indigenous belief system.

Oba Olówó Eko said he is a Bini man.

Oba Osile Òkè-ọnà says he is an Evangelist and therefore organizes crusade where they do " Tèsùmọ́lè"

Awùjalè Ijebu-land, Ògbágbá II had to write book where he said Yoruba taboos were over rated and that he had breached many of them without consequences. The same man said his ancestors were from Waddai in Sudan.

To cap it, Oòni Ojaja II led about 200 OBAS to do songs and dance for Adeboye at his business center after which they invested him the title of "Spiritual Father"

He became Spiritual Daddy over Ooni Òrìsà ILÉ-IFÈ!!!!

Olódùmarè sàánú o.

OONI of ife allowed Pastor Adeboye sat on his throne some years back.

There have been so many atrocious and abominable scenes after this one in the photo so we don't know whether to forgive this as a small matter or not.

And many of these atrocious conducts are from very prominent Ọbas so you can imagine what is happening at the lower levels of junior Ọbas of smaller kingdoms!!!!

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         21 March 2024

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