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The titled given to someone who has earn the love of the ORISA and won their heart.

In those days , IKU BABA YEYE was a title given to mostly kings in YORUBA land because the king makers only select those who were choosen by IFA and such person has gone through a lot of rituals and ceremonies.

Today the title has been withdraw from kings because they tend to be wicked than ordinary people, the king of today tend to misuse the throne and it's power .

It is not their fault because they found themselves on the throne they never merits or deserve. They bought the King title with politics and money.

The ORISA are not fools and cannot be fooled , so they withdraw the title IKU BABA YEYE from any kings.

If there is any king that calls himself IKU BABA YEYE then we need to know and understand that it is just a figurative title that has no spiritual weight or significance.

IKU BABA YEYE is someone that has fight side by side with the ORISA, IKU BABA YEYE is someone that has the authority to call on death at any point in time.

Today, kings are just king and the King title they carried has no spiritual power or significance.

We still have IKU BABA YEYE in the country and they are not relating to royalties or come from Royal Families.

The world is changing and so also the ways of the ORISA and IFA .

If you really want to enjoy and know what is happening then you need to stay awake , connected to the spiritual force of life ..

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