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Babalawo are the True king in Yoruba land

Babalawo are the True king in Yoruba land

Forget those who called themselves king or got appointment as a result of political influence and they got a throne .

Babalawo are the true king in this generation, babalawo are the only one holding on to YORUBA Tradition and culture .

How many Oba king are still holding on to YORUBA Tradition and culture? 

They have all gone to give their life to a a foreign God and have swear to destroy the throne which their ancestors before them left for their children after them.

Babalawo are the king in Yoruba land as at today .

Babalawo don't jump from one pastor to another, they stay at their shrine and people come to them with their problem and they solved it for them.

How many Yoruba king has solved people's problem ? 

All what matters to the king of today is the money they want to swallow so that they would grow a big pot belle and because they want to make a donation to a church so that they Pastor preneur can called them and tell them to shout hallelujah.

The king of today don't solve people's problem at all, they travelled on big cars, sleep with people's wife , steal people's property , and do bloody rituals to kill the people they govern.

The king thinks they are all powerful but they are not, that is why so many people would insult the king and nothing would happen 

But I swear in the name of OLODUMARE that no king dares to insult AJE NLA cos that would be their last statement. How many king has that spiritual authority? They don't have.

Even IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO has turned their back on Royal Families and royalties because of their evil atrocities.

If I don't tell you the truth, your Pastor that collects millions of Dollars from you would never tell you the truth, your chiefs and thief's would not tell you the truth.

Please let us always thank Babalawo and praise them for their effort in cleaning the country and preservation of cultural values and ethics .

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