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Lagos conductor and their death wishes

Lagos conductor and their death wishes 

Fela said in one of his song, trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am.

Which means that trouble is sleeping while someone went to wake trouble up from sleeping.

I don't like trouble but once you look for my trouble I would double it.

So I went to Lagos to visit my friends and family and I was coming back, I board a bus from Oshodi to sango and the conductor said there is no change .

I decided to give him 5minutes before asking again for my change, the conductor answered with the same answer and said he has no change.

This continue for 3 - 4 times , I am already tired and I don't have time so I decided to call my wife and told her to put small palm oil on ESU head.

I was talking out loudly for everyone to hear me,

After that I shout at the driver and said we are all going to die because this bus would have an accident .

The whole passengers start shouting like a wild dogs BLA BLA BLA, the conductor was like I am using idea , he said na scam I be. This and that.

I kept quiet and was patiently waiting for the bus to summersaults,  I know it's not my time to die and I know I can't die yet.

I don't know what enter the mind of the conductor that make him to give me my change.

He said he is not going to Sango that he would drop everyone at toll gate.

I don't care where he want to stop, he is using Lagos street idea because I can sense the fear in his soul.

That doesn't bother me, he already commiit a great offence of looking down on me like an ant, so if am an ordinary man, that is how he would say he doesn't have change.

He must learn to be upright in his doings,he must learn to respect anyone he ever come across in his life .

The lessons his parents has failed to teach him,he would learn it in a hard way 

Am not power drunk, I don't like trouble but when trouble start I would not want it to end cos I would add oil to the fire ..

What get me angry the more are the passengers who start talking this and that 

As I get angry,the bird in me started flying .

I could see the present of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO standing at my back like a trillion army.

I was there in my mind with IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO.

They came quickly as they can and I start pointing fingers with my mind at those who are saying one or two things about me which is not true, and those who thinks am fake etc.

They don't even know that death was in the bus with them .

I know I would never meet them again but I know they would receive their beating and learn their lesson in a hard way they would never forget.

Lesson: Don't interfere in what doesn't concern you especially in a public vehicle 

Lesson: don't look down on anyone because we don't know who is who

Lesson:That is all.

Lagos conductor....

I get your time o

If your husband is a driver better warn him very o.

If you think they have given you an incision and everyone is your mate, that flesh where the incision is made would tear away.

You don't know shit.

My name is AJE NLA...
I respect everyone I met in my life because I have learnt the hard lessons of life .

I can't remember my own dark days of running from post to pillar in the name of bros J.

Till I understand the principles of life.

The truth is that no one can save anyone .

You commit the crime, you pay the price

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