Thursday, March 7, 2024

Yellow girl unveiled

In the past few weeks, you’ve come across the Yellow Girl fever everywhere.

The mystique of the Yellow Girl has had everyone talking, everyone asking ‘Who is Yellow Girl?’

Well, the wait is finally over!

The mystique of yellow is unveiled.

She’s fine, she’s beautiful, she’s sonorous, she’s talented. 

She’s gifted. 

She’s versatile, she’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a girl that’s yellow.

She combines the charisma of a male with the sonority of a female.

She knows what she wants, and is not afraid to demand it.

She’s successful, disciplined, and willing to play.
You may catch the Yellow Girl fever. Be ready with some ice.

Chinemerem Amadi, formerly known as Janeykrest has rebranded to be called The Yellow Girl.

With this rebranding, what should you expect? 

You get a blend of the old and the new: you get the unbridled talent, the no-holds-barred energy, and invigorating music all wrapped in a new name and a new packaging.

Yellow Girl is set to light up your world and add color to the Nigerian music industry with the backing of Seyi Allen Music Machine.

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