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Legit babalawo don't snap pictures of their sacred shrine and temples

Legit babalawo don't snap pictures of their sacred shrine and temples

It is sacred and must remain sacred .

I am not an egungun devotee or priest even though I have make a dedication to have a minimum of 1000 ORISA in my shrine before I die .

I still don't have EGUN and am working towards it.

I have gone to EGUN shrine to feed EGUN times without number and each time I am always told not to come with my phone.

Sometimes I wonder if I am too harsh or too strict . This make me visit some other shrines in Òyó and it's environments to see how it's been done .

Most iyanifa and Babalawo of old don't snap pictures of their sacred shrines and temples.

I wonder why the generations of today do this things .

Wanting to be accepted or want to prove that they are legit of some sort?

You don't need any of those . If IFA is still IFA and IFA is still legit . What you would eat would come to you and it is not until you snap pictures of your shrine before people would know that you are legit.

Many of those who snap pictures are either hungry or don't know what they are doing .

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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