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My first experience into the unknown world of the mighty Ocean

My first experience into the unknown world of the mighty Ocean 

Control your fear or it ruin your Life

We are born fearless and the world gave us fear.

The fear factor is unnatural and it was created by people who doesn't want you to grow Spiritually and physically.

Fear started the moment we start walking, they would tell is ojuju calabar 

And then we enter a religion and they start programing our minds that anything not in the holy book is evil where as the holy book was constructed to control the mind in a narrow way.

I have received calls from a lots of people, I can't count the calls I received In a day .

Some people see a lots of extra ordinary beings while growing up but their parents think they are running mad or didn't believe them. Many of this children tell their story to a friend who eventually blocked the dream or give such child something to eat and used their power for themselves.

As a parents be careful and open minded to your kids and look for answers for your kids . Help them.

This kids grow up to become a broken adult who are tormented by those visions they once saw, now they really wished they knew better. They start looking for what was lost.

Many of those who are supposed to help you are spirits and they would visit you in your dream but because of the mind we have, when we come across this spirit we run away .

We keep on running and running and we run and run.

Some things would give you extra shock when you see them, I am telling you.

There are some things you would see that would make you to run mad because of fear.

When we are in a dream state, our mind becomes the eye that sees.

Soul traveling is good but the experience can be shocking.

At a start it would look at if they are playing a video in the screen of my eyes while I watch. This is a replay of where I have been which they wanted me to see. In this version, the shock is not much because it is a replay.

The real first experience I had, I was in a bad sleeping position, I could see my two hands under my armpits, I know I was hanging in between and pillows, I know my leg was wide open with the duve all around my leg.

My body was freeze like I was in an oven, extra cold that I have never experienced before in my life.

I wasn't comfortable at all and I don't know why I was not comfortable because on a normal day, this sleeping position was not to give me stresss but this time, I am over stressed.

I was not sleeping and I was sleeping, it is between this two state that I was. I could remember and see everything around me but my eyes was closed.

I was following a fish at first and the journey was sweet, I couldn't tell if I was chasing the fish or not but I know that this fish was my guide .

I started seeing buildings of different sizes and shapes with their owners each standing and waving hands at me. This owners are Half fish, half humans .

The greetings was warming, I could hear them say welcome , welcome.

I saw a giant mermaid at the very deep of the mighty oceans that could be as big as fifteen story building (sky scrapper )

I saw a giant snake so big as the the whole city.

The things my eyes saw I couldn't but go into a cardiac arrest, it was too much for my mind to comprehend.

I was in pains, pains from my bad sleeping position. I was lost at sea but the pains make it possible for me to remember where my body was lying.

The pains was tooo much, my heart was freeze and I can't pull myself out.

My fish guide gave me a water to drink, the water was in another water deep inside the mighty ocean. It was a stagnant water deep inside the mighty oceans. Another water inside the water , another water that is not flowing yet inside a mighty flowing water.

My fish guide now pull me up to the upper level of the water and my eyes opened.

I opened my eyes and it was still dark, my eyes is still seeing and it was like a memory replay but live in front of my eye.

It took some minutes for me to be okay but the experience stick to my head .

That was the beginning of the journey, it is not a novel or an imaginary thought.

This is why I am telling the world more about the spiritual realm.

Another world, another life, another Family.


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