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Olden Tradition of giving your child to the river to bless

Olden Tradition of giving your child to the river to bless 

In the olden days long before time,the children of OSUN, YEMOJA and OLOKUN always visit the River with their new born baby for blessings.

This Tradition is reduced to one particular tribe in the country and that particular tribe are also not dedicated as before .

When you have a baby as an ORISA devotee, the ORISA would be present with their gifts which they would hand over to the child in question.

The child whose spirit would be there along with his spiritual friends and egbe orun to receive those wonderful gifts of the ORISA .

This rituals is always in stages and can take up to days before it is finished.

Part of the rituals is for the baby to be taken to the nearby flowing rivers .

The baby's destiny is locked and protected from all sort of Evil and the presence of the ORISA is always with that child .

The child would definitely be initiated into one or two forces by the ORISA and if the parent has money the child IFA INITIATION would have be done at that instance .

Such child would grow up to be a major force and if well brought up in good manners and respect to elders, the child would never face any battle that would over come the child.

The child grow up to see the world at higher degree for what it is and speak with unseen forces and spirits.

The Reason for this lost in Tradition is because of the way we embrace foreign religion and neglect ours.

There is still power,there is still forces and these forces never seize to express their presence to whoever has the purest of mind and is ready to follow their Path.

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