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Staying current in the spirit realm is expensive

Staying current in the spirit realm is expensive 

People only see you speak words into existence and they think it's because of blood or incision that they make on you .

But it is neither you drank blood or do any incision.

It is because of the gift and power you gain and get from the spirit realm as a result of your ever presence participation.

Apart from daily feeding of the ORISA in their millions , sometimes your presence is ever needed .

This are one of the reason why people with real power are not always far from home so as not to disrupt their travel experience into the other world.

You pay your friends and family one by one from time to time as they also loved to pay you a visit and you must always be ready to receive them with good tidings and items of gifts.

We loved to party and share gifts .

The gift they gave is power , strength, authority, wisdom, fertility, stability, cowries etc.

I can't speak with all my mouth open but my point still remain my point.

To be Spiritual, you would spend a lot of time in the spirit realm and also spend energy etc.

You can't claim to be powerful and you have no experience of the spirit realm except you are a scam.

That is where all the power are, the source of all power.

The spirit realm is a second house,you take part in almost everything seconds per seconds.

In fact, you spend all your time in there building relationship and families, building trust of lifetime and in return you get all the powers the world can never have.

Still on still, many people are power hungry and the ORISA and the elders don't give power out to every one.

Those who power were given to don't even know how to use it or don't even want it.

To them power is just power .

Once you have power,you are bounded by million laws that make you powerless.

To use a pinch of power , it has a million consequences that is why power make a powerful man powerless.

A powerful man would always remain quiet and never look for trouble unless trouble look for him.

I said,trouble dey sleep yanga go wake am.

Some of us are carrying death along with us and we give it out to anyone that misbehave, misbehave by talking anyhow to anyone you see.

Breaking the laws you don't know existed.

The spirit following us don't like a single disrespect, disrespect in any form it may take.

They attack you without an utterance from their friend.

I dey always carry death with me anywhere I go and I don't look for trouble, I am gentle looking and going but I am deadly than virus .

I know myself , my wife don't look for my trouble cos she knows that I won't move before things happened.

Respect the power that liveth and don't break the law.

Look for the ancient law of the world not what you read in the holy book made by Man to make money.


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