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What causes fight between human beings and IYAAMI ELEYE

What causes fight between human beings and IYAAMI ELEYE 

Conflicts between human beings and IYAAMI ELEYE is beyond what you can find in any book .

In fact , it is not because human being eat bird that causes the fight between humans and IYAAMI ELEYE.

This is what have been made known to people over the ages that IYAAMI ELEYE are at war with people because they eat birds. No.

Infact humans are not forbidden to eat birds.

What actually causes fights between IYAAMI ELEYE and human beings was supremacy.

The fight for power between human beings and IYAAMI ELEYE.

Humans beings don't have respect for nature or anything, humans believe they are above all things and this is what gets IYAAMI ELEYE angry .

IYAAMI ELEYE claims they are created long before human being was created, they have been in existence before humans . Why would humans be disrespectful to them?

Iyaami ELEYE are not angry that human beings are eating birds but they are angry because humans have no regards for them .

This issue was bigger than what was portrait in ODU IFA, human beings were taken up to OLODUMARE for judgement.

Verdict was that IYAAMI ELEYE are superior to human beings and human being should always pay their respect to them any time and any day.

Failure to do so would incur the wrath of IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO

And that is why it is a good practice to always do begging of the elders at least once a year, and to give to the poor and needy .

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