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The Mystics of giving

The Mystics of giving

Everyone loved to be given something for free but we don't want to give shi shi.

Who does that?

That mentality of people giving me while I don't give shi shi is called greed .

Life is all about give and take.

You want the blessings of the devine beings and spirits but you don't want to give to anyone.

Perhaps you are waiting for OLODUMARE to appear to you and said,I am OLODUMARE kindly give me something to eat.

This is the excuse giving by those who don't want to give, they are waiting for OLODUMARE to ask for them to give .

What you don't know is that this ORISA most often take a human form to tempt us, to see if we are really worthy of their blessings .

How would you differentiate an ORISA from non ORISA ? 

You just have to give generally to everyone and you might give to a supreme being or spirit in that process or manner and this beings would go in the spirit realm to give a report of how magnanimous you are.

I can't remember how many times Yeye OSUN has come in human form to seek my help, sometimes I failed and sometimes I pass .

She would still come and tell me, do you remember this day when a woman BLA BLA BLA. And I would smile .

Sometimes they don't come to ask for money, I remember one morning when the land was dry and a woman with a child come to ask if they can fetch water from our well.

The land is dry and we need water as we don't have much water in the well that time, I said no problem .

In fact, I got to know it was Osun after few months of doing it.

Some of you do the begging of the elders and you pay no respect to elders, in fact you don't give to elders . How would the begging of the elders work?

Many beggers are evil, there is no doubt about it but it shouldn't stop you from giving . This is why you should pray before giving to sanctified the money against other forces even if they want to use it for evil.

When we give, we buy ourself time, luxurious lifestyle and luxury in the spiritual realm which would speak for us as time goes on .

Some times giving buy us some grace in the spirit realm and the grace would speak for us in the future. 

The spiritual world is bounded by laws and only a very few people understand this laws .

In ancient Greek and Romans, they buried the dead with some coins because it is believe that the Gold coin would buy a better life for the dead in the afterlife .

The law of give and take would take it's effect . Some people called it trade by barter.

The spiritual law behind this knowledge is what give rise to currency and civilization.

You give money and you collect the goods .

In the spirit realm, you give and you don't ask for anything in return.

This is the perfect gift you can give and if you have been asking OLODUMARE for anything you need to stop it 

This goes for those who goes to church and ask their God for something when in actual sense they are not supposed to ask for anything.

When we talk about spirituality, you don't ask for anything in return and that is purity of minds .

You don't quote the law in front of those who made the law because they would also quotes their own law which might swallow the law you just quotes.

We all know that life is all about give and take but when you give, don't ask for anything in return and that would make you receive something greater than what you have giving .

That is the law.

My name is AJE NLA The son of OBATALA and this is the mystics of giving.

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