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Benefits of OSUN Initiation

Benefits of OSUN Initiation

There are a lots of benefits that comes from being initiated into OSUN or doing your OSUN Initiation.

The following are not just the benefits because they are far more than what I have decided to list below.

You would receive a gift or talent which would help you in your life journey 

You would be having an option to be OSUN priest or priestess and you can choose whether to be a devotee. Just having OSUN because of the love you have for her .


OSUN is an IRUNMOLE, she has been existing for years and she is the mother of all the ORISA . Having OSUN Initiation means she would assist you in solving most of your spiritual problems by giving you insight to what must be done for those problems to be solved.


You would definitely be loved by all those who hate you before, you can't be an OSUN devotee and people would hate you. Never .

In as much as people can't fight water, they would always loved you .


You would not be falling sick as such because OSUN water can healed a lot of disease and as a devotee and child of OSUN, sickness would be far away from you.


You would never run out of money as a child and devotee of OSUN because she would inspire you and open your eyes to some things you can do to fetch you some extra cash .


You would have a peace of mind as OSUN devotee or child. No troubles would trouble you in any level 


No one would fight you spiritually because OSUN would always be there for you and to protect you .


On a final note, OSUN Initiation has more than a million benefits but I can only think of a few.

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