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Would I have special ability after OSUN Initiation?

Would I have special ability after OSUN Initiation?

The answer to this question is Yes.

For every son and daughter who do his or her osun Initiation, there is a special gift from ORISA OSUN to them.

Some people are already having one talent or the other in them which they don't know they have while others know they have a talent.

Few others don't even have any talent whatsoever.

Whether you have talent or you don't have any talent.

After your osun Initiation,you would definitely receive a gift of talent from OSUN, you would be having a lots of sweet dreams and seeing a lots of things which are beyond reasoning but you would be receiving your gift .

The form or the type of gift which you would receive from OSUN is hers(OSUN) to decide but be rest assured that you would be gifted.

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