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What you can do after OSUN Initiation?

What you can do after OSUN Initiation?

Some people have more interest in OSUN that just having their own ORISA OSUN.

Many people want to be called an OSUN priestess or priest .(iya OSUN)

After your OSUN Initiation, you can still be staying close or spend like 6 months to learn the ways of OSUN and how to do divination using OSUN cowries .

Yes, you can make this choice of becoming an OSUN devotee, take some time to develop your talents and find your calling in this world .

Help OSUN to bring balance , justice and purification to the world.

To be an OSUN priestess, you must be ready for the task because you would be attending to a lot of people and you needed to be ready .

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