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Different levels and types of OSUN Initiation

Different levels and types of OSUN Initiation

ORISA OSUN is a flowing rivers and a very charming, beautiful woman that is irresistible to all eyes.

We have different types and levels of OSUN Initiation.

The following are the types of OSUN Initiation

We have the correct and legit OSUN Initiation,

we have a shallow OSUN Initiation 


we have a fake OSUN Initiation .


The correct and legit OSUN Initiation is not seen everywhere because it is costly and it involved a lot of other rituals which would help your OSUN and also help your life at large.

You can't do OSUN Initiation and still be having little problems or the other. No.

The correct and legit OSUN Initiation involve other things which I called accessory .

This accessory are what make your OSUN extra confirmed and it places your OSUN in a very high rank among other people OSUN. It's so painful that I can't talk about the content of this ORISA OSUN Initiation accessories.

The second type of OSUN Initiation is a shallow Initiation. This type of OSUN Initiation is what you see everywhere .

The babalawo or iyanifa might decided to do ceremonies to take time and other things but we know and OSUN knows it's just a shallow Initiation.

Being a shallow OSUN Initiation doesn't mean that the Initiation is fake. 


Just that the other accessories involved in it is what is missing .

The OSUN might not be that active and the Initiate might not be happy at the end of it when the initiate don't see changes as expected.


The third type of OSUN Initiation is the fake Initiation.

This fake Initiation have no power or any references what so ever.

They just collected your money and that is all.

After the INITIATION of a fake OSUN Initiation, the osun can't speak, the Initiate didn't receive any talent gift and nothing was seen, no effects.

If you want to do legit and sound OSUN Initiation, I think you need to make a lot of findings before doing it and you can come to ABEOKUTA.

You can come to AJE NLA for your OSUN Initiation.

This is a three days power packed INITIATION and it came be stressful and worth it because for every penny you pay, you would enjoy it's value.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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