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What is cheaper between IFA and OSUN Initiation?

What is cheaper between IFA and OSUN Initiation?

I really don't know how much Babalawo are doing their IFA initiation and to be honest, IFA initiation prices varies from places to places.

But no matter how expensive IFA initiation is, OSUN Initiation is always cheaper compared to IFA initiation.

Osun Initiation is cheaper than IFA initiation.

Though IFA initiation comes with is good sides also OSUN Initiation comes with her good sides too.

On a final note , if you can't afford IFA initiation and you so much loved the ORISA and Yoruba Tradition, you can go for OSUN Initiation.

I have explained the type of OSUN Initiation that we have and the levels of power that comes with the type of OSUN Initiation.

Choose wisely anytime you want to do OSUN Initiation because who do your Initiation for you also matters in power flow .

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