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Does ORUNMILA the father of IFA goes to School?


Does ORUNMILA the father of IFA goes to School?

Fools and others are under the notion that ORUNMILA the father of IFA is an uneducated person that create something for the people .

Hence under the disguise of this notion, many Babalawo and IFA priest are not educated or even goes to school.

Sit down and learn something from AJE NLA ,the son of OBATALA,the king of birds.

Every civilization has one form of education or so whether formal or informal.

If you don't forget, people are already in existence before ORUNMILA was sent to teach.

As a matter of Facts, OBATALA was first sent to people to teach people the ways of OLODUMARE.

OBATALA teaches people to write in stones, to write with sands, OBATALA teaches people to read and write centuries after centuries before ORUNMILA was sent.

So therefore, there was a system of learning already on ground , there was a system of learning In place before ORUNMILA was sent to the world of mankind.

When ORUNMILA was sent to mankind, he was sent to existing OBATALA devotee who are already practicing the teachings of OBATALA.

ORUNMILA learns human ways of Life from those who accommodated him .

From there he started teaching people what they needed to know and the modification that have been done .

ORUNMILA goes to school, school in those days might not be what it is now. Whether you like it or not,he learnt from the existing OBATALA devotee one or two things about human existence before he started his own teachings , creating modification to existing teachings and teaching people in a more simplified way .

ORUNMILA learns what has been taught on ground from the people, he learn their ways of Life, and he took them from what they already know to what they don't know.

If you have this mindset that ORUNMILA is an illiterate then you need to change your mind on it.

As a matter of facts, IFA loved education and he inspired people to be educated.

Education liberated the mind and free people in one way or the other because education somehow opens the eye.

If you as a devotee of ORISA is not educated, it would in one way or the other affects you. You won't portray your IFA in a more opens minded, etc way .

Education would showed in you and that is why we must give our children the best education as an ORISA devotee.

Education allowed you to use more reasoning that use emotions. This is one of the advantages of being educated.

The son of OBATALA

My next article would be about how ORUNMILA was born.

You can't find this in books of any man .

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