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If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee

If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotees 

If only Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee then he wouldn't have died a painful death as such, drowning inside the mighty Niger River, begging for his dear Life.

OLOKUN still remain the Father of the ocean as far as water is concern.

Till today our tradition is a taboo and evil in the eyes of many people where as tradition has the key to unlock that which is locked within and without.

If Junior Pope was an OLOKUN devotee, he would be at the bottom of the mighty ocean eating and dinning with OLOKUN after the boat capsized.

He would have been with OLOKUN for days or few hours till the media and everything cools down.

Of course Junior Pope wouldn't die if he was an OLOKUN devotee.he would remained untouchable and probably found himself at the shore.

I bet Junior Pope was busy shouting Jesus when the boat capsized when he should have SAID OLOKUN.

As disciplined as OLOKUN is, he is merciful and have a great loved for humanity. OLOKUN would have saved him if only Junior Pope called his name after the boat capsized while begging for his dear Life.

Let us start teaching our children the ways of the water.

Let us know some names of some ORISA that has to do with water just Incase of bad days like this.

Jesus doesn't have Power over water even though he was powered by IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO, Jesus doesn't trespass.

You can't show me where Jesus was preaching to YEMOJA or OSUN inside the bible.

Bros J just waka, waka Jejely on water to boost his ego.

Let us know the mighty name of OLOKUN, OSUN, YEMOJA, AGIRA, OLOSA, and many ORISA that has to do with water.

OLOKUN the mighty ORISA that doesn't play with his children .

Of course am an OLOKUN devotee.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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