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Have you done your OSUN Initiation?

Have you done your OSUN Initiation?

If you are a woman and you haven't done your OSUN Initiation,you need to start prepping for it.

Ifa INITIATION is quite expensive and sometimes you might not get what you want from your IFA initiation because most people who claimed to be doing ifa INITIATION are either not doing it properly or not doing what they are supposed to do.

Secondly some woman are born naturally with power,in this case or if you fall in this case.

You need ORISA OSUN for you to fulfill your full potential in terms of power and strength both in the physical world and beyond.

Osun is more than a woman,she would train you and help you to attain that level.

I have met a lot of woman who are psychic, they could tell you what you eat for the past three days and would also predict what you would eat in the next few days ..

I have met woman who see people's problem by looking at them .

I have seen a woman who is used to hearing the thought of people very close to her .

I have met a lot of woman and there is still more woman to meet .

If you can identify one talent in yourself , you need ORISA OSUN.

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