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IFA is not static - An eye opener to all Babalawo, iyanifa and all IFA initiate


IFA is not static - An eye opener to all Babalawo, iyanifa and all IFA initiate

Whether you agree or not IFA is dynamic and not static .

Anytime people see another person doing something differently it posses a threat to them and their existence.

Anytime there is a new church other pastors find a way to control the minds of their members so as to secure their investment.

I am here today doesn't mean I would love forever but I know am not dieing anytime sooner than 100 years of age.

Everyday a new verse of each ODU IFA is produce,this is because IFA is not static.

Before in those days, it was only 16 ODU IFA that they have . All IFA consultation were based on the 16 ODU IFA .

As time goes on, civilization comes in and life become more complicated.

Hence the ODU IFA Begin to multiply themselves to give 256 ODU IFA .

The major ODU IFA and the minore ODU IFA (oju ODU ATI amulu mala ODU).

In the next future ,this ODU IFA might be 16 times 16 times 16. Who knows?

What I know and am very sure off is that each ODU IFA verses is becoming longer than before and they are being rewritten as time changes due to energies changes in the world which leads to people's awareness, spiritual advancement etc.

IFA is an advance religion that meets any situation and circumstances, all you have to do is to ask.

I once said IFA is not against transgender and I quote the ODU IFA but I didn't put the verse.

IFA is for open minded people, and you have to remain open in all things .

If you are not opened you would not listen or receive any thing from above .

Don't be fooled, IFA is changing and not static .

IFA is not a stagnant water but a flowing one .

Gone are the days when irosun meji for Mr A is the same irosun meji for Mr B and Mr C.

Today, the same irosun meji for Mr A might not be the same irosun meji for Mr B. Even though IFA says irosun meji to both Mr A and Mr B but the content and messages it contains differs.

People's problem can look almost alike but they are never the same.

This is because every day a new IFA verse is written, this is because they are different people with different identity and soul, no two people can have the same problem .Never.

This is one of the reason why some sacrifices failed because the babalawo is using the eyes of yesterday to look the IFA of today.

IFA is always on the move and you must also be on the move .

IFA is not static ... It is dynamic

It's whether you accept it or not ..

Gone are the days when obi was used for divination..

Today we have many other ways of divination..

If IFA was static, the whole babalawo should still be using obi for divination..

You can be in London and IFA consultation can be done for you in Nigeria.

Gone are those days that you have to be there before the consultation is done 


The world is changing and so also IFA .

IFA is not static.

The way you consult IFA for people in Nigeria is definitely not the same you would for people outside the country Nigeria.

Because of socio economic impact.

Culture and other factors ..

IFA meet every days need and challenges..that is why it is not static ..

Everyday a new problem is created in the society and IFA is eve

IFA is ever ready to meet such problem .

The son of OBATALA

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