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Is there a shortcut solutions to problem?

Is there a shortcut solutions to problem?

I AJE NLA the son of OBATALA have come across a lots of people ,many of which are looking for shortcuts.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, but I don't seems to have a shortcut or shorter solutions to people's problem.

Most people have visited a lot of spiritual places for solutions and in their mind they believe that there is a shortcut to things 

What I mean by shortcut has a various meaning according to me.

People want their problem to be solved faster than normal, they want a spiritual work that can do wonders within 3 days or so.

This is a type of shortcut people always wanted and there is no legit spiritual work that can do that magic except if they use dark power or blood rituals of some sort which work faster but comes with it's consequences later. I called the consequences the after effect, the residues.

Just like in pharmacology, most drugs we use have side effects on us, some drugs (Medicine) deposit a residue after it finished working while some drugs (Medicine) generate side effects as it's working on us.

Everything in Life must follow the due process and it must happen according to the law of nature. This is a very important factor to note when doing spiritual work, legit spiritual work also depends on your star, your body and many more factors.

People with Fire element tends to pick up faster on spiritual work than others because of their element while some people have been blocked , their body has been tampered with by evil people . The effects of a tampered body is that spiritual work wouldn't work on such people and they have to a lot of cleansing rituals and bath to Calibrate their body.

Another type of shortcut definition by me AJE NLA is that people don't want to pay for the real thing, You would tell people what must be done and they would be like baba, is there anything you can do for me for now that the price is not up to that, so that when I have money , I would come back.??

When I heard things like this, I know where they are coming from and where they are going , so I often tell them know .

Few reasons for my No are ...

If you give them a little something and it doesn't work as expected, they would label you for being insincere or fake but they wouldn't say they couldn't afford the reals deal. 

I loved my name and reputation so I always ignore this kind of people because na them no spoil your name. They are trying to look for substandard spiritual work that would work like a standard spiritual work .. 

I often said No.... It's better they go and spend their money somewhere else than spoil my hard earned name and reputation.

I couldn't say more but I know you agreed with me that there is no shortcut unless you want something else which would later give you troubles.

I remain AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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