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We can't force people to know the truth if they don't want to

We can't force people to know the truth if they don't want to

There are so many misconception about everything that is Yoruba religion and Tradition.

I have make it a duty to teach the right thing to the people, telling them what each ORISA represents.

But if people don't want to listen, I can't force them.

The same reason why most of what they do don't give any positive results .

I don't know anything, I keep on telling people that AJE NLA don't know much but the little I know is better than what any man knows .

Most books you read about IFA and ORISA are just written by someone to make money. They also contains error.

The best way to learn about all this ORISA is to visit them on their own heaven and realms but most people think it is impossible.

If you don't have a good picture and knowledge of what each ORISA represent, you might know their full capabilities or potential.

I spoke a lot about OBATALA because I had an encounter with ORISA NLA and because OBATALA is my father , I spoke about OSUN because she has been with me every seconds, I spoke about OLOKUN because he trained me, I spoke about Elegba because he always fights for my right.

I spoke about IYAAMI ELEYE and IYAMOPO because they have been having my back at all time .

You can't read about the ORISA in books until you know who they really are that is when your work as a babalawo would show, that is when you receive your Ashe ASE (authority)

Just like many people doing all sort of things they believe they are doing ,but it's all to nothing.

I don't think I have read any book that teach me what to do or say.

Someone was asking me, AJE NLA how do you do your egbe orun initiation because I have done it twice and nothing happened. 

I smiled and said nothing. I have nothing special that I do or nothing special in what I do.

Just remain focus and follow the law.

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