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Using soap inside a coffin would not make you rich

Using soap inside a coffin would not make you rich

So many crooks and fools all over the world .

You want a miracle and magic , you want favour but you can't give a begger N100.

You are lazy and you don't have a work you do yet you are sleeping in a coffin and using a soap inside a coffin.

You are only trying to trade with the dead, collecting lost glories from the dead, collecting unused glory from the dead, robbing the dead.

To what end?

To ride nice cars and sleep with your mother's mate in the name of love.

Your drain up your own life force and die like a chicken prematurely.

Or you become rich for few years and then a title blackout.

You start jumping from one place to another looking for another chance to do what is right but there is none.

Nothing go unpunished, everyone paid in this life or next ...

Once you are stained, it would take you years or cycles to resolved that single act or deeds.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA

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