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After 5000 years, they still don't know they practice TRADITION and Paganism

After 5000 years, they still don't know they practice TRADITION and Paganism 

When the Church was converting pagans to Christianity, to make things easier, it incorporated the holidays and rituals of the pagans into Christianity to make them feel like they were still worshipping their old Gods.

After prayer everyone would say Amen without knowing the source of the word amen.

Amen is an Egyptian gods also know as Amun, Amun Ra, Amon or Amen.

Ancient Kemet's influence in modern religions is seen in the fact that Christianity, Islam and Judaism end prayers with the name "Amen".

Amun-Ra or Amen-Ra was the chief of the Gods in the Kemetian pantheon. He was the son of Ptah, the Creator. 

Now can you believe that you are not far from Tradition?

All what you do is just repackaged Tradition.

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