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ONIMERE always come in handy

ONIMERE always come in handy 

After they have feed your egbe orun like countless of time and they have refused to listen to your plead neither have they responded to your calls.

ORISA ONIMERE the irresistible ORISA that can speak with all Egbe Orun to listen to your plea.

I know it would sound like am advert but it is not.

You can visit Oyo town and villages to feed ORISA ONIMERE, ORISA ONIMERE is also in some part of IJEBU.

ORISA ONIMERE always comes in handy when your egbe orun are angry with you and they refused to listen to you or rejected your feeding .

Of course no babalawo or iyanifa would tell you that your egbe orun didn't accept the feeding , until you didn't see any changes then you would know.

I AJE NLA the son of OBATALA is not the only one blessed with knowledge, am only trying to do the little I can to restore the loved we have towards ORISA and to bring back long forgotten ORISA like ORISA ORIMADE, ORISA KUDETI, ORISA ONIMERE, ORISA AROLE, ORISA ORIKI, ORISA OKO, ORISA IBEJI, ORISA DADA, ORISA OLUBORI and many more which I can't count or mentioned here.


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