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Where can I do my OSUN sise (OSUN Initiation)

Where can I do my OSUN sise (OSUN Initiation)

If you want to do your OSUN sise (Osun Initiation) ,you can contact AJE NLA the son of OBATALA for your OSUN Initiation.

AJE NLA is in Abeokuta and well trained by ORISA OSUN herself .

I could have been doing OSUN Initiation for a lot of people but I have to wait till I finished my training with ORISA OSUN before announcing to the world .

If you are looking for where to do your OSUN Initiation, AJE NLA is the best man for you .

Though my price is high but you would get value for your OSUN Initiation.

Contact me via email

WhatsApp +2347031178647

Facebook odewoleo (username) 

Thank you

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