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Every ORISA has a crown on their head

Every ORISA has a crown on their head

Every ORISA are kings and queens in their own field .

They are master of their own craft and they are king in their own world and realms.

That is why they needed people to share their kingdom with .

Hence the reason for ORISA devotees to so ORISA Initiation for others and at the same time feed ORISA for people .

Those who are initiated into one ORISA or the other are now the citizens of that realm get verna by the ORISA of their Initiation.

Each ORISA has their own realms and heave which they operate and OBATALA's realm is the farthest, unreachable by any mortals except via an ORISA .

You can't be an OBATALA devotee without having a good rapport with other ORISA.

I remained AJE NLA
The son of OBATALA 

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