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Some evil people uses OKO ORUN / AYA ORUN to mask their evil

Some evil people uses OKO ORUN / AYA ORUN to mask their evil

Have you ever been to so Many places and they told you that oko Orun is the one disturbing your life? 

So people can't have a good marriage because they have been told that oko Orun and Aya orun are the roots of their problem.

They must have spend a lot of money trying to get this problem solved but it is not solved.

The truth is that oko Orun and Aya orun are not the one behind your problem.

Oko Orun and Aya orun are part of your life, they wouldn't reck it so badly because if your life is so wreck,it would affect them.

Some evil people are using them to cover their ass so that you won't see where the real problem is coming from .

Only a true babalawo could see beyond their veil of wickedness .

And the solution to such problem is as simple as anything, how I wish I could talk about it on this article but I can't .

When solving this issue, you might need to feed some ORISA to wade off this evil on you and to have a good marital sweet life.

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