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What Happens when people Fail to Acknowledge ORISA?

What Happens when people Fail to Acknowledge or worshipped ORISA?

I love this question and I pray your knowledge will not dissolve into thin air. 

The ORISA are the one who brought about the concept of trade by Barter. They teach us the concept of money, therefore the early form of trade was by trade by barter. 

Trade by barter is a system in which you bring what I need and I offer you what you need. Everyone is Happy. 

As time goes on they brought a higher knowledge by introducing us to unitary method of trade, which is the currency. You buy all you need, if and only if you have the money to buy. The ORISA are not useless, they are still in charge or all Trade, they govern it. 

Now, let's go to the real reason for this post. 

If we fail to acknowledge them, they would still be in existence in the spiritual realm, our worship is not what give then food as we think. There food comes from the universe, the Cosmo. They are renewed and reborn every day, the same way the Sun Never dies. 

The ORISA striving for it's existence might be reborn into lower world, create a religion, gather followers and then ascend back to heaven. This is the case of where we have IRUMOLE and ÔRISÂ. we thought it is because of their deeds that make them an ÔRISÂ but the truth is that, they are already ÔRISÂ in spiritual realm but they needed people to know them in the lower worlds. 

ORISA are the reason for technological breakthrough .They inspired us and they give us inspiration. 

Contrary to our belief that once an ÔRISÂ is not acknowledge or worshipped they would Die. 

An ORISA does not die. 

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