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What is the work of EGBE Orun

What is the work of EGBE Orun 

EGBE Orun are more than what the mouth can talk. EGBE Orun performs a lot which are

They are the source of inspiration to many people, as we know inspiration are from the astral world, I guess this is why some people refer to EGBE Orun as astral mate but they are not astral mate. Find the meaning of EGBE Orun here

EGBE Orun helps ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ to carry out some minor task. 

ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ has assign task to each EGBE Orun and they always give ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ feedback once in a while (am forbidden to talk about this) 

The EGBE Orun in turn give the ORISA in charge of the EGBE their feed back which in turn, the ORISA would give ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ the feedback. 

Each EGBE is entitled to see ÒLÓDÙMÁRÉ once a while. 

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