Friday, June 2, 2023

How does AJE in the spiritual world transfer into Money in our world?

How does AJE in the spiritual world transfer into Money in our world? 

Many people living in this world have more than one eyes, they would recognize the spiritual forces of AJE within and around you, they would want to transact business with you because AJE helps those who help AJE. 

Secondly, some people would have seen or heard about you in the spiritual world and so, in the physical world, they would look for you to transact business with you. 
The magnetic force of AJE would begins to turn everything around you into money. 

The force of AJE would speak on your behalf wherever you go and their mind would be at peace with you, they don't see anyone they would rather want to do business with except you. 

The more AJE you have, the more spiritual forces of AJE that would work for you. 

It pulls everything to work for you. 

In some exceptions, AJE alone cannot work, it sometimes work with favour. You need favour.

Which ÔRISÂ is involved in AJE? 
This is a topic of my next article and I would not want to expose it here please come back to this page and site to find out

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